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Welcome to the Gridley PTSA

Welcome to Gridley Middle School. Your upcoming school year will be a rewarding and educational experience for your child(ren). The purpose of the Gridley PTSA is to provide support for the school community. PTSA at Gridley actively supports the teachers and students through many varied programs, as well as sponsoring fun community get-togethers such as Gridley Grub and the Spring Magic Show. We also encourage academics and classroom enrichment activities through teacher requests.  The PTSA raises funds to directly impact our children, their classrooms and teachers.


We invite you to become involved. We have a multitude of volunteer opportunities available, at school and at home, for anyone interested. Let’s continue to make Gridley great together!

2019-2020 School Site Council Members

  • Site Council Contact Point


  • This Year's Members Are:
    Karen Marquez Facilitator 

    Elected Certified Members as of 10/04/2019 

    Lisa Kist Teacher

    April Knippen Teacher

    Emil Lamanda Teacher

    Fawndra Williams Teacher

    Parent Members (2 year commitment)

    Maria Saavedra

    Lisa Wedman

    Julie Brown

    Michele Dashieell

    Community Member (As of January 15, 2020)

    Peggy Herron

    Rebecca Stell


2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Members

  • Family Engagement Contact Point


  • This Year's Members Are:
    Rosanna Montoya Principal and Facilitator

    Luke van Schie Assistant Principal

    Katie Sabel CSP

    Karen Pischansky MTSS Facilitator

    Kim French Teacher

    Dale Hicks Teacher

    Karen Marquez Teacher

    Paul Cunningham Teacher

    Lisa Kist Teacher

    Jamie Faulkner Teacher

    Jim Henry Teacher/Student Council Sponsor

    Sonia Sikes ISI Teacher

2019-2020 PTSA Officers

  • Contact and Join the PTSA

    To support our school and the PTSA in its endeavors to create an amazing community please consider joining PTSA. In an effort to create more involvement, PTSA is $5.50 per member to join. Please fill out a membership form found in the office or use the link in the "forms" section of this page. The form and funds can be turned in to the Gridley Office.



  • This year's PTSA officers are:
    President: Facebook

    Vice President: Maria Saavedra

    Treasurer: Kim Botkin

    Secretary: Amanda Voss

2019-2020 School Site Council Minutes

2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Minutes

  • 4th Quarter Meetings canceled due to COVID
  • Meeting Notes: March 13, 2020
    Committee met to discuss possible delay of return from Spring Break and needs for upcoming quarter. 
  • Meeting Notes: February 17, 2020
    Engagement team met to discuss previous engagement night and move forward with a plan for Quarter 4. 
  • Meeting Notes: January 10, 2020
    Meeting to discuss Quarter 3 Family Engagement activities and possible future events.
  • Meeting Notes: December 20, 2020
    Meeting scheduled had to be cancelled. A majority of the attendees could not attend. Rescheduled for January 10, 2020
  • Meeting September 27, 2019
    Team met to discuss plan for the year and possible upcoming family engagement events
  • Meeting Notes: October 4, 2019
    Quarter 2 Family Engagement Event

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