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September's Message

Dear Grijalva Families,

Grijalva Elementary School and all of TUSD are celebrating Attendance Awareness Month throughout September.  If we want all that we dream for our children to come true, it’s important for students to be on time and ready to learn every day.

We know that students who miss even nine days in a year tend to score lower on tests than students who are present and on time.  Worse, only 17% of students who miss more than eighteen days will read at grade level after third grade.  For us Grizzlies, being on time for school is about more than developing good habits—it’s about setting our kids up for success.

The good news is that 64% of kids who miss nine days or less will read on grade level after third grade.  Students who show up on time for school are present when the learning is happening.  We help our kids take full advantage of what their teachers have planned for them when we send them to school on time.

When the first bell rings at 7:40, students should find their classrooms.  After the second bell rings at 7:45, students should be inside.  Children who arrive late can feel rushed when they get here.  Although we want our children’s learning to start right away, we want even more that our Grizzlies feel relaxed and ready to work hard and have fun with their class.

Thank you for all that you do to help children be on time and ready to learn by 7:40 every day!  And thank you, most of all, for sending us such great kids.  Helping each and every one of our big family learn is great fun!


Megan Chavez


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