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The purpose of the Hollinger School Site Council is to provide support for the school, staff and students.


Meeting Schedule


2020-21 School Site Council Members



    -          Kamren Taravati (automatic member)


    -          Sandra Casillas (facilitator)

    -          Patricia Martan

    -          Ana Lopez Medrano

    -          Gabriela Moreno

    -          Maritza Mazon


    -          Reyna Ortiz

    -          Rob Lester

2020-21 School Site Council Minutes

  • 2020/2021 Site Council

    Hollinger School Council (Site Council) meets every month on the second Tuesday. 


    Staff, parents, family members, and community members are always invited to attend if they are interested in doing so.


    We are in need of new parent, teacher, staff and community members from every area .  Please join the meeting if you are interested in learning more about joining this important committee and also forward this invite to any parents you know that want to become more involved at the school.  


    Zoom Meeting ID: 864 4429 3866

    I look forward to seeing you there. 

    Thank you!



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