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Odyssey of the Mind State Results

All five of Magee Middle School’s teams finished in first place Saturday, Feb. 29, at the Odyssey of the Mind Southern Arizona Regional Competition at Canyon del Oro High School.  All Magee teams will compete next against the top schools from throughout Arizona at Odyssey of the Mind State Finals which have currently been postponed with new dates to come sometime in the coming weeks..


The VEHICLE team built three vehicles that navigated multiple challenges leading up to a celebration with special effects using baking soda, as they save the world from a dangerous phone company takeover. 

Jeronimo GarciaOjeda         

Isaac Holtmyer                    

Morgan Riddle                    

Maximus Silverman

Ryan Zwierlein                    


The TECH team created a network of devices for sending messages from point to point as battles resolve the conflict between rock, paper and scissors; finally celebrating with original songs and team-made instruments.

Xiomara Cota-Robles           

Elena Ivester                       

Madison Kiburz                   

Luke Musikul                      

Armanti Ruiz                       

Devon Spangler                   


The CLASSICS team created an “effective detective” to overcome red herrings and intellectual contests to solve the mystery of the collapse the Bronze Age, while engineering all sets, musical instruments and props to fit in a small box (dimensions of height, width and length must add up to 62 inches or less). 

Christy Ho               

Sally Kamper           

Alyssa Kanies          

Clara McNaughton  

Amelia North          

Patrick Rohrbacker  


The STRUCTURE team built an 18-gram balsa-wood framework that “danced” under a low limbo bar, then held more than 600 pounds before breaking – all cheered on by a futuristic balsa wood robot with complex circuitry that won Odyssey’s top creativity award.

Sofia Kalesinskaite               

Adelle Kanies                      

Aubrey Phull                       

Lauren Reed                       

Morgan Riddle                    

Elizabeth Szlemko               


The DRAMA team’s performance featured gibberish in a humorous future where soda pop is banned and bootleggers are trying to profit; student-made puppets creatively celebrated the ending with the main characters in an original song and dance musical.

Anastasia Henneke              

Isabella Ivester                    

Elliot Knight                        

Vincenzo Martin                 

Stephen Mischke                

Amelia North                      

All of Magee’s Odyssey of the Mind students had to overcome very tough competition from all over Southern Arizona, and now they continue preparing for State Finals at CDO on March 28. Best Wishes!

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