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Parent Involvement

  • Site Council
    What are School Councils? Each TUSD school has a school council which helps set goals for the school. The purpose of having a site council at Miller Elementary School is to insure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision-making process. Site Council is responsible for:

    *Making recommendations to the Superintendent for submission of the school's 301 Plan goals.
    *If needed, the site members of site council help with the hiring selection of the school's administration.
    *Assist in the allocation of budget for the school's curriculum.
    *Determine the use of undesignated tax credit money at the school as provided by law.
  • PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
    PTO is a parent/teacher organization that supports Miller Elementary School mainly by coordinating fundraising events. It is run and organized by parents and faculty to support student programs. Everyone in the Miller community can become a member by paying a $5 due and can then have the ability to make their voice heard and vote during meetings.

    Meetings are held once a month on Wednesday afternoons in the Library.  For upcoming meeting dates, watch for announcements on the school newsletter or go to the PTO page on the Family Tab to see all the meeting dates for the school year.  Everyone is invited to join in and give your opinion on everything from fundraising ideas, decorations, where and how much money is spent and much, much more.

    Look for information on monthly meetings and join in the fun!

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