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2019-2020 Newsletters

PTO Welcome

Myers- Ganoung Parent Teacher Organization's (PTO), purpose is to maintain a close relationship between parents, teachers, and students. PTO provides assistance to raise funds for educational materials, experiences, and family social interaction. 

2019-2020 School Site Council Members

  • This Years Site Council Members:
    Lisa Gibbons - Facilitator/ Teacher
    Lori Hauser- Teacher

    Adelita Granillo - Teacher

    Amy DeWitt- Secretary of Site/ Reading Recovery

    Joan Sikkema - Teacher

    Kamike Gray - Parent

    Cindy Lester - Parent

    Curt Kaufman - Community Member

    Tina Lespron- Ayaz - Parent


2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Members

  • This Years Family Engagement Members are:
    Megan Stefanek- Principal

    Saul Ostroff - Counselor

    Carole Thomas- MTSS Corrdinator

    Michelle Beltran- School Liasion


2019-2020 School Site Council Minutes

2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Minutes

PTO Contact

  • This Years PTO Members are :
    Kamike Gray - PTO President

    Lisa Gibbons- Teacher Representative

     Courtney Donaldson- Parent Representative

    Johanna Ramieriz- Parent Representative

    Cindy Lester- Parent Representative

    Tina Lespron - Ayaz - Parent Representative

    Josie Garcia - Parent Representative

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