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SSAC Plans to Address Issues of Concern for Students

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SSAC SSAC , Coordinator
Superintendent's Student Advisory Council
1010 E. Tenth St.
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: 225-6000


About TUSD's Superintendent's Student Advisory Council....

Superintendent's Student Advisory Council has started another year of bringing vocal and concerned students representing schools and serving as voice of fellow high school students together once a month to share and discuss issues of importance with the Superintendent and central office administration.
SSAC meets once a month throughout the school year at 1010 E. Tenth St. or at school sites on a rotational basis. Student members choose the areas of focus for discussion and set goals for the school year. SSAC members represent their schools as a voice of the students and bring current and timely issues about their school to the meeting. Each school is entitled to three members to the Council and three votes in selecting new leadership for SSAC.
SSAC is a great way for students interested in making a difference to dialogue and discuss educational concerns and issues they feel are most important and pressing. It is also a way to build relationships and work on leadership skills!

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