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  • Student's Agreement

    Oyama students join staff and parents to develop ideas about how they can succeed in school and reach for the stars in reading, writing, and math by:

    Talking with my family about what I am learning in reading, writing and math.
    Keeping a reading log to record my reading at home.
    Spending at least 20 minutes each day reading to or with my parent, guardian or caregiver.
    Bringing my writing homework home and share with my family.
    Working daily with my family on my math

  • Parent's Agreement

    Oyama parents join staff to develop ideas about how families can support students’ reading and math. Families may have other ideas to add to the list.

    Have fun with reading. Use the materials from the library to explore reading at home.

    Look for the newsletter each month and read it together.
    Do activities at home that will help enhance my child’s school learning.
    Communicate frequently with my child's teacher.


  • Teachers' Agreement

    We will provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in all core academic areas in a supportive environment that enables students to meet the standards. The K-5grade teams will work with students and families to develop students’ reading and math abilities by:

    Communicating with class newsletters, this compact, web page, email and encouraging classroom visits. We will have access to other staff members to ensure all aspects of the students’ learning are covered.

    Teaching students and parents how to help the student by having them read aloud at home and keep a reading log. Students will keep a math log to explain, using evidence, how they solved their math problems.

    Listening to students reading, and I will read orally to my students while modeling correct reading behaviors.
    Setting and maintaining high expectations for myself and my students.
    Providing parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class, and to observe classroom activities.


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