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First Grade Teachers

We believe First Grade is the foundation for all future academic achievement. As teachers, we desire to build a strong partnership with the families of our students to help children become life-long learners. Through cooperative learning, we will aid students in the development of the social skills necessary to become productive citizens of our school, community and country.

Alma Holiman

 Ms. Holiman has been teaching at Oyama for several years.  She has taught second grade and third grade since she has been here.


  • Gaona



    Originally from New Mexico, I completed my education in Arizona. I attended both Arizona State (BAE) and University of Arizona(MAE). I've always been an avid reader, but I first majored in Art Education. I enjoy working on word puzzles and creating them for my students. Words lead to reading, and reading leads to writing, which takes words. It's a glorious circle of learning.

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