Office Support

Health Office

Exceptional Education and ELD Services

Support Staff

  • Brianna Gonzales
    Library Assistant
  • Custodians
    Leticia Moroyoqui-Armenta
    Donald Thierry
  • Monitors
    Virginia Cunningham

    Sandy Avila

    Josefina Moreno

  • Jessica Villescaz
    Community Liaison

  • Jennifer Redding
    ELD Elementary Teacher
  • Cafeteria
    Denise Dalida (Manager)
    Michelle Calderon
  • Teaching Assistant
    Norma Jimenez
    Linda Rodriguez
  • Isabel Kelsey
    MTSS Facilitator
  • Bianca Solis
    Mexican American Student Services



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Middle Schoool (6-7-8)

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