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Student Access to Zoom

    Student Access to Zoom Restored: Login Now Required  1.    When joining Zoom meetings, students will be asked to log in. They should click Switch Account to Join.  http://intranet/TS/TSNotices/ZoomSSO01.jpg  2.    On the Sign In page, they should choose Sign In with SSO (SSO = Single Sign On).  http://intranet/TS/TSNotices/ZoomSSO02.jpg  3.    When they are prompted for a Domain, they should enter TUSD1 and click Continue.  http://intranet/TS/TSNotices/ZoomSSO03.jpg  4.    Login information will be the same as for O365 and Clever:  a.    Username:  <Student ID #>  (Example:  b.    Password:  what they use to log on to TUSD computers


  • Set Up ParentVUE on Synergy
    Please follow the instructions located in this PDF. 
  • Clever Login - Benchmark Advance and Successmaker
    Clever Login


    Please follow the directions on the log in page to access Successmaker and Benchmark Advance. 

  • Simple Solutions - At Home Activities for Parents
    Check out some of these great at home math activities you can do with your child! They have activities from Pre-K to 8th grade!

  • Khan Academy Math Help K-8
    Khan Academy - No Sign in required
  • A Listen to Reading resource for K-5

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