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School Focus

Site Council implements the mission and philosophy of Sam Hughes Elementary School.
This is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of school personnel, parents, students and community members.

School Focus

Meeting Schedule


Meeting Dates & Times

The first meeting of the 2019-20 school year will be in Rm 11 from 4:00-5:30 PM on August 15. At that time we will be determining a facilitator and expected membership, as well as establishing by-laws, and will set the schedule for the rest of the school year.

2019-2020 Members

  • This Year's Members Are:
  • Facilitator
  • Faculty
    Theresa Barry, teacher

    Kathryn Bolasky, principal

    Ellen Dunscomb, teacher

    Katie Rumney, teacher

    Anita Wong, teacher

  • Staff
    Ilyssa Beckwith, registrar/attendance tech
  • Parents
    Raquel Givens

    Samantha Miller

    Eric Plemons

    Stephen Rosenberg

  • Community
    Evelyn Damento


2019-2020 Minutes

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