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  • Find Your Teacher Here
    Click on the website next to your teachers name to find information about your class.


    Find Your Teacher Here


Clever Login Help

For assistance with logging to to Clever, click on the link below:

How To Log In To Clever (in PDF)

If you are having trouble logging into the TUSD1 Clever website, open the Google Chrome browser and enter the following web address into the address bar of Chrome or just click the link below.

The address the the TUSD1 Clever page is:


If you would like to watch a short video you can click here.


Zoom Help

  • Zoom Login Help
    If you are having trouble with the Zoom supplied by your teacher within Clever, you can try to login to the Zoom meeting this way.


    1. Open the Chrome browser (or a new tab if Chrome is already open)

    2. Either type "tusd1.zoom.us" (without the quotation marks) in the address bar of Chrome and press enter or click here

    3. Click the "Join" button

    3.5. If you get a popup that asks "Open Zoom Meetings?", put a check in the box to "Always allow..." and then click "Open Zoom Meetings"

    4. Enter the Meeting ID you recieved from your teacher

    5. Click the "Join" button again

    5.5. If you have not downloaded Zoom, you may be prompted to start the download and installation

    6. You will then see another popup box. Enter the Passcode that you received from your teacher

    7. Click "Join Meeting"

    8. Your now in the waiting room for the meeting, your teacher will let you in soon

ParentVUE Help

Student Password Information

  • Student Password Errors
    If your students password is just NOT working and you determine that it should be changed click here. Once you change the password you will need to wait at least 5 minutes before trying to login. 

ClassDojo Help

  • If you need assistance with ClassDojo...
    ...and your students teacher cannot answer your question, try going to the ClassDojo Helpdesk. Just type the error message (or the question you have about ClassDojo) in the search box at the top of the screen.

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