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Teenage Parent High School invites students and their parents to attend the following events during the 2019-20 school year:

TAP 2020 4th Quarter Grading Policy

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 the TUSD Governing Board passed a new "no harm" spring semester grading policy for all TUSD High Schools.  As TAP HS is a quarter credit school, we have aligned our 4th quarter grading policy with the TUSD Governing Board Policy.  Please find a letter from Principal, Dr. Anne Dudley outlining our 4th quarter grading policy in the column to the left under TAP HS 2020 4th Quarter Grading Policy.

School Closure Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAP High School, like all other Arizona K-12 public schools, will be closed until April 10 and possibility longer.  During this closure, TAP teachers and school counselor will be setting up classes and counseling services that can be accessed remotely by all TAP students.  During the week of March 23, TAP staff asks all students to contact the school at 225-3256 or via email:  anne.dudley@tusd1.org to ensure we have your correct contact information.  Please see a letter from the Principal with detailed information about the closure (left hand column under New for You). 


Starting Monday, March 23 Grab-n-Go meals (a combined breakfast and lunch) will be provided for all students Monday through Friday via mobile bus drop offs.  Students must be present at the time listed at one of the 113 bus stops in order to get the daily to-go meals.  Please find maps and times of where busses will stop at:  by clicking the GrabAndGo icon above or going to www.tusd1.org/GrabAndGo   If you need additional assistance to find route locations and times, please call (520) 225-4700.  

Instruction During Closure

Like you, TAP teachers and staff have been assigned to work from home during the required school closures.  During the week of March 23 – March 27, teachers and your school counselor will be planning and designing instruction and services so you can access them from home.  Seniors and students who have Edgenuity courses assigned to them already should be working as much as possible to complete those courses.  For those who do not have Edgenuity courses, you can complete assignments in IXL however you are not responsible to do this until contacted by your teachers course assignments.  

All Students should contact the school to update your phone contact information

In order to establish remote access for all TAP students starting the week of March 30, we will need to assess your household’s internet and device access to Synergy, Office365, Clarity, email, zoom conferencing, etc.  Please contact TAP at 225-3256 with your student’s contact phone number and email or email Dr. Dudley with this information so we can ensure that teachers a. have your contact information and b. we can determine your level of remote access.  If you don’t have internet access at home please see the internet program hook up programs listed in News for You.  Several local internet vendors have set up inexpensive service packages through the end of May 2020.



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