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Dr. Anne Dudley
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Dr. Anne M. Dudley has been principal at the Teenage Parent High School for eight years.  She holds a doctorate in Special Education and Educational Leadership from the University of Arizona and is well versed in coordinating programming for and working with alternative student populations.   Since Dr.  Dudley's arrival at TAP, the school has seen many positive changes including the hire and support of high qualified teachers who collaborate in Professional Learning Communities to address the individual needs of TAP's diverse student population.  TAP often enrolls students who have been out of school for 3 months to 3 years, who need credit and skills recovery, and who need additional supports to achieve ultimate success in a high school setting and as parents.  TAP students continue to prove their amazing resilience and academic potential by not only applying themselves in an engaging, supportive academic community, but also by scoring well on district benchmarks which are clearly aligned with end of course, state assessments (AZM2 and ACT).  TAP has also successfully coordinated and collaborated with many outside agencies to ensure that students have access to supports they need as students, parents and community members. 

Dr. Dudley's continued focus on coordinating systems, people, and supports have resulted in a well coordinated set of programs designed to ensure that TAP students gain the skills needed to compete and succeed in and after high school.  TAP totes a well develop Positive Behavior and Support System:  We are TAP:  Tolerant, Attentive and Productive and a five day a week Advisory course which embodies learning and expectations for teen parents who plan to complete high school and move on to a successful experience in college or advance education experiences.  TAP also offers a well developed set of parenting and CTE Early Childhood Education Classes that complement student Early Childhood Learning Lab experiences. 

Under Dr. Dudley's leadership, TAP High School has become a well recognized and respected high school within the TUSD and Tucson Communities.  Through a system of support, engagement and celebration, TAP is designed to serve pregnant and parenting teens who need additional supports to remain in and complete high school. 


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