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Welcome to the Cactus Chronicle Radio Network!

The Cactus Chronicle Radio Network is produced by James Bourland's seventh period advanced journalism class. The goals of the Cactus Chronicle are to responsibly and ethically produce a public forum and a student centered print and online publication with the interest of parents, faculty, administration and staff.

We cover newsworthy items including but not limited to:
Magnet programs, interscholastic activities, daily campus life and community affairs.

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The Cactus Chronicle Radio Network Presents

Film Fest 2016: One last go-around by Pascal Albright and Angelina Valenzuela

film fest photo
CCRN reporters Pascal Albright and Angelina Valezuela take a look at the 18th annual, THMS Film Festival,
Click to listen!

Prop 123: A Vote for Arizona's Future? by Pascal Albright and Angelina Valenzuela

Prop123 logo
CCRN reporters Pascal Albright and Angelina Valenzuela look at the wording, money and ideas behind Arizona's controversial proposition.

Click to listen!

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, with air conditioning by Gene Martinez

CCRN reporter Gene Martinez takes a look at Rocks and Ropes, and asks valedictorian Logan Miller how rock climbing helps him escape.

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MLK Basketball Classic Recap by Gene Martinez and Mitzzy Lopez

Student at MLK Classic
CCRN reporters, Gene Martinez and Mitzzy Lopez, covered the Tucson High girl's basketball team in the 12th annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Basketball Classic, presented by Coaches for Charity on Friday, January 15.

Martinez and Lopez attended the MLK press conference at McKale Center on the University of Arizona campus, talking to seniors Marissa Miller and Alexis Cortez, along with head coach Annette Gutierrez. Click to listen!

School hopes new test merits better scores by Pascal Albright

student taking test
AZ Merit scores were released late November, giving the school a baseline for student scores. THMS faculty shared their thoughts on the scores and what impact the scores will have on the future of the school. Click to listen!

Campus beautification in progress by Pascal Albright & Emily Swengel

Administration, staff and clubs look to enforce a positive vibe at school: beautification through trash pick-up, and art . Click here to download the podcast!

Digital printing class sitting on potential goldmine by Angelina Valenzuela

Shirts, hoodies, flags, banners, you name it, digital printing can do it. Click here to download the podcast!

THMS crackdown on drugs by Mitzzy Lopez

School Resource Officer Jose Higuera and Assistant Principal Carlos Armendariz are getting a message out to students: Drug consequences are steep. Click here to download the podcast!

Women in wrestling by Ashley Rosas

It's the same, yet different. Ashley Rosas talks to a female wrestler about the similarities and differences in her sport. Click here to download the podcast!

Social media brings fights to campus by Nadya Lizarraga & Max Pavon

Freshmen and sophomore girls lead in a not-so-good category: fighting. Click here to download the podcast!

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