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College Application Links

  • Common App
    An application platform with over 800 colleges & universities. Use the website to research schools and apply to multiple schools with just one application. Students can create a Common App account anytime in high school to access these resources, complete basic application information (such as personal info) and to apply to college senior year. 
  • MyCoalition
    MyCoalition is an application platform that you can use to apply to over 140 colleges. It includes free, online planning tools to learn more about colleges and prepare for the application process. Students can create a MyCoalition account anytime in high school to access these resources, and to apply to college senior year. 
  • New Mexico State University
    *AZ residents receive a tuition discount to make it the equivalent of instate tuition costs!

College Research Websites

  • College Board's Big Future
    Explore & research colleges, majors, careers, and financial aid. Search colleges by your preferences.
  • College Greenlight
    Research colleges, communicate with colleges to learn about their campus & admissions through an online platform, understand admissions stats and selectivity of colleges, and look for scholarships.
  • ECAP Portfolio School Search
    Log into your ECAP portfolio and find the School Sort under the Education tab. The School Sort will ask you a series of questions and produce a list of colleges & universities that meet your preferences. You can also use their database to research different colleges & universities.
    Explore colleges through a financial aid lenses. See what types of merit scholarships you can receive from schools BEFORE you apply! Create an account and earn microscholarships from colleges across the U.S. for things you're already doing in high school (taking AP classes, joining a club/sport, earn A's & B's, etc).
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
    Research schools in the western part of the U.S. that give discounts to AZ residents! Most schools offer 150% of instate tuition, instead of paying expensive out of state tuition. Check each school's individual website for their specific requirements to qualify for the WUE tuition discount.
  • Net Price Calculator
    The Net Price Calculator is a powerful tool in helping students and their families plan for college financially. Enter family financial information for an institution and it will give you an estimate of costs for one year of undergraduate study would cost.

College Research Tools

  • College Research Chart - an Excel file to assist you in keeping your college research organized and ensure you are looking up the most important details.
  • College Research Database - a database of different colleges & programs provided by the UHS counseling team (students must log in with their Clever credentials)

First Gen Resources

Are you the first in your family to attend college?

Check out these links for resources including college preparation, university campus programs, and scholarships specifically for you!

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