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Class of 2021: All students applying to college must turn in a Senior Portfolio to their senior counselor. UHS counselors (and teachers) will use this information to write letters of recommendation and guide you through the college application process. All portfolios are DUE on Monday, August 31, 2020 by email to your senior counselor.

The information and answers you provide in your portfolio differentiate you as an applicant before you've even applied - but putting it all together takes time! Be sure to start it early and include all 7 of the required pieces:

1) ECAP Portfolio Resume

Important! As of the end of May 20202, the Arizona Department of Education has decided to not renew it's subscription to our current ECAP System (AZCIS). If you have already started or have been working on your resume in your ECAP portfolio, you must log in by June 30th to save & download your resume. If you do not log in by this date, your work will be lost. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to save & download your current resume.

**For those of you who have not started your ECAP portfolio resume, CLICK HERE to download a fillable Resume Template in order to complete your resume for your Senior Portfolio 

2) Short Answers Document (CLICK HERE to download the fillable document)

3) A Writing Sample (essay, poem, literary criticism, song, etc. that you've already written)

4) Application Deadlines Document (CLICK HERE to download the fillable document)

5) One Parent Letter

6) Two Friend Letters

7) Letters you wrote for your friends (*if you wrote any for your friends)

To submit your portfolio, follow these guidelines:

  • Download your ECAP Resume (click here for instructions on how to download your ECAP Resume)
  • Save all documents as PDF’s and name them using the following convention:

LastName, FirstName_[document name]



Lastname, Firstname_Resume

Lastname, Firstname_Short Answer Questions

Lastname, Firstname_Writing Sample

Lastname, Firstname_Applications Deadlines

Lastname, Firstname_Parent Letter

Lastname, Firstname_Friend Letter 1

Lastname, Firstname_Friend Letter 2

Lastname, Firstname_Letter for Friend

  • Email all PDF’s to your counselor as attachments with...
    • “2021 Senior Portfolio” written in the subject line (please don’t write anything else)
    • Your first and last name in the body of the email

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