Conducting Research at Tucson Unified

Our governing board policy mandates that our External Research Committee must review all research (including surveys) involving students, parents, or district personnel.

Please fill out the Research Request form to begin the review process.

The review process typically takes from 3-4 weeks. However, review time may vary depending on availability of staff. It is your responsibility to submit your proposal enough in advance to avoid problems meeting your deadlines. Please contact Dynah Oviedo with any questions.

Based on TUSD Board policy, the primary criteria that will be used to evaluate external research requests are as follows:

  1. Significance. Preference will be given to studies:
    • improving academic achievement
    • in areas that are of high concern and potential usefulness to the District
    • that show promise of contributing to a scientific knowledge base for education
    • that are the university required Thesis or Dissertation for a Master's or Doctoral Degree
  2. Design.
    • Adequacy of conceptual framework, research questions, instrumentation, and data collection and design.
    • Appropriateness of arrangements to report and explain results of the research to District personnel.
    • Consideration of the rights and feelings of the subjects involved in the research.
    • Confidentiality of information pertaining to individual students or staff
    • Clarity of plans for participation of District students and staff.
  3. Protection of Human Subjects.
    • Adherence to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) regarding family and pupil rights, their privacy and protection.
    • Appropriate parental consent forms and student assent forms when necessary.
  4. Logistics
    • Minimum disruption of District, school and classroom operation.
    • Minimum time required of students and staff.

Make certain that all requested information is provided as incomplete proposals will delay the approval process.  You will be notified when the review process is complete.

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Info on how to obtain permission to conduct research at Tucson Unified schools.
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