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Arizona Tax Credits Help Kids

You can help Tucson kids, from kindergarten through high school, have the greatest academic success by giving them the opportunity to participate in the "extra" - in extracurricular activities - including sports, arts and field trips and more.

You can give kids this opportunity by taking advantage of Arizona's public school tax credit program. You just choose to pay some of the state income tax you owe (up to $200 filing single; up to $400 married, filing jointly).

Your tax credit contribution gives kids an extra chance to stay in school, learn more and do better in their classes. Kids who participate in fine arts - in programs in art and music - actually do better in basic academic subjects, including reading and math!

Best of all, in Arizona, you get your tax credit contribution back, subject to the limits of your tax liability, when you participate now and then file your tax return. Please consult your tax professional for more information.

To select an OMA school, see our list of participating schools.

Choose the specific school - and extracurricular activity - that's important to you to support. It's that simple. 

To make your tax credit contribution online with a credit card for either OMA or other Fine and Performing Arts programs, go to Tucson Unified's online tax credit web page. 

To make your tax credit donation by mail, make out the check to the school of your choice. If you want your donation to apply to the OMA program, please mail the check to:

Tucson Unified OMA Program, 2025 E. Winsett St., Tucson, AZ 85719

For tax credit donations for band, orchestra, and other programs, mail the check to your chosen school.

In the memo section of the check, you should indicate the program you would like to have your money assist. If you make a donation to the school's Fine and Performing Arts program, you should further indicate your area of interest by listing Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) Program, music, band, orchestra, drama, dance, or visual arts.

If you have any questions regarding the Tax Credit Donation for Fine Arts in Tucson Unified schools, please call (520) 225-4900.

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Information about how to support Opening Minds Through the Arts (OMA) at Tucson Unified schools.
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