Guidance and Counseling - Resources for Children and Families

  • ACT
    • College and career readiness information.
  • Arthur, The Most Amazing Aardvark
    • Educational activities based on the PBS series.
  • Bandaides and Blackboards
    • Stories about chronic illness with areas for kids, teens and parents.
  • Can Do! Kids
    • Activities, puzzles and posters for kids of differing abilities.
  • Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center
    • Ideas, activities and recipes for play therapy.
  • LD Online
    • Interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children.
  • State Farm Learning Center
    • Articles about children activities and safety.
  • SparkAction
    • Brings together the latest news, research, trends and stories from across the child and youth field so you can get informed and take action on the issues that matter most to you. Together we can be a powerful voice for children, youth and communities.
  • Youth Change
    • Innovative, problem-stopping behavior and classroom management resources.
Rebecca Carrier
Department Coordinator
Posted/Revised Date
A compilation of resources for Tucson Unified students and families. 
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