Multicultural Curriculum

Our Multicultural Education is centered on the life experiences and interests of students and their communities. The standards-based curriculum advances authentic inquiry and empowers students to critique, challenge, and respond to issues and problems that affect them, their communities, and the world.

Multicultural English Language Arts

Our English Language Arts Curriculum is enriched with diverse literature selections, and compelling questions that facilitate the kind of inquiry-based teaching that refines and extends student skills in multiple literacies, critical thinking and oral and written communication. 

Multicultural Math

Our Math Curriculum leverages students’ experiences, interests, community mathematical knowledge and practices to design standards-based lessons that promote mathematical identity development and advance the kind of mathematical thinking essential to examining and solving real-world problems.

Multicultural Science

Our Science Curriculum is anchored in global and local phenomena. The curriculum shifts the focus from learning about a topic to investigating how and why things happen. Students generate enduring questions, experience positive confusion, and engage in reflective thought essential to development of solutions to science-related problems that matter to students, their communities, and society.

Multicultural Social Studies

Our Social Studies Curriculum is organized by themes that resonate with students’ social, and cultural development and facilitate a deeper understanding of the past, the world today, and its interconnectedness. Students examine and inquire about key historical and contemporary events and issues in American and world history from a variety of perspectives including their own, that of an historian, geographer, economist, or scientist, and more. Students develop agency as critical inquirers in an interconnected global society.

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Information about multicultural education in the Tucson Unified School District. 
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