Curriculum Review Secondary ELA Textbook Adoption

Materials for Review
Public Display Starts in November – Secondary English Language Arts (ELA) Adoption for Grades 6-12

60 Day Public Review from November 1, 2023 – January 15, 2024 from 8a-5pm at Howenstine Professional Learning Center, 555 S. Tucson Blvd. If you would like to review English Language Arts (ELA) Adoption Materials later than the standard hours, please request an appointment by emailing Curriculum Demo.

If you have reviewed material, please provide feedback in person at Howenstine Professional Learning Center 555 S. Tucson Boulevard, Tucson , Az 85716
Date Activity
9/6/2023 Scope of work and intake complete in OpenGov
9/13/2023 Post RFP
10/4/2023 RFP Opens
10/6/2023 Initial Committee Meeting
10/6-10/20/2023 Committee Review
10/20/2023 Phase 1 Scores due
10/20/2023 Committee Meeting/Shortlist
10/24/2023 Request to vendors for Materials to begin 60-day review and presentations
11/1/2023 60-day review starts
11/6-11/8/2023 Presentations by vendors
11/16/2023 Best and Final Offer Request sent to vendors
11/28/2023 Best and Final Offers due
11/30/2023 Best and Final Offers sent to committee
1/15/2024 60-day review ends
1/15/2024 Final Scores due
1/17/2024 Final committee meeting/award recommendation
2/13/2024 Governing Board Meeting

Common Lit

CommonLit respectfully submits the following information about our CommonLit 360 curriculum for grades Grades 6-12 Secondary English Language Arts Adoption. CommonLit 360 is recommended for the core curriculum for 6th-8th Grade English, English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12.

Our full literacy program includes a library with over 3,000 engaging and rigorous lessons; a comprehensive ELA curriculum for grades 6-12; assessments to track student progress; and state-ofthe-art digital tools for educators and students. CommonLit 360 is a comprehensive ELA curriculum for grades 6-12. We designed our curriculum to be rigorous and engaging for students, aligned to grade-level skills, easy to facilitate in all classrooms, and supportive of learners with diverse identities.

-Provides a clear progression of learning for teachers and students
-Develops effective reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking habits
-Promotes a learning environment centered on cooperation, peer interaction, and individual expression
-Fosters authentic, real-world connections relevant to local and global contexts
-Supports learners with diverse needs Empowers teachers to concentrate on impactful instruction
-Provides flexible implementation and support communities 

CommonLit 60 Year At a Glance Parent Brochure

To support your exploration of CommonLit’s full literacy program we have credentials for a demo account.

CommonLit Log-in Credentials:

To access CommonLit's resources, visit and enter this account information.

Username: [email protected]
Password: CommonLitDemo23!

This will give you access to: 
All CommonLit 360 units
All CommonLit 360 teacher materials
All CommonLit 360 student materials
All CommonLit library lessons
CommonLit’s Professional Development Portal (on-demand training modules) Exploration Instructions: In order to view our curriculum, reviewers must be logged in to the TUSD demo account.

Once logged in, reviewers will arrive at From this page, reviewers are able to navigate to:

The CommonLit 360 Curriculum at initiatedFrom=library
The CommonLit Library at
CommonLit Professional Development Portal at
CommonLit Assessments at

Exploring CommonLit 360: Once reviewers navigate to the CommonLit 360 Units, they will be able to toggle between different grade levels and different units.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

HMH Into Literature with Writable and Waggle

HMH’s online learning platform. For easy access, please copy and paste the URL and log in credentials below.

1. Go to
2. For State: Type EVALUATOR
3. For District: Type NA Into Literature v2-91005131

User View
Teacher View Username: EvalTeacher59_91005135
Teacherview Password: E!1ms75b6vi

Student View Username: EvalStudent59_91005135
Student View Password: E!1shmi6hfwh

5. Once logged in, to begin your review, click the Discover tab

Tips: For the best user experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome™ browser. • Disable pop-up blockers or allow pop-ups from this site in your browser software. • Please ensure your PDF settings are set to open PDFs in the browser and not to download

GUIDED TOUR Welcome! This guided tour will help you explore Writable as you get started on your journey to growing great writers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local HMH® contact or email [email protected] to ask questions.

What is Writable?
Writable is a digital writing solution designed for traditional, virtual, and hybrid learning in Grades 3-12. Students are given feedback in real-time to help guide their writing earlier, while saving teachers time on instruction and grading

Step 1: Launch Writable from Ed, the HMH learning platform. Access your district on Ed using your reviewer credentials below.
Go to:
For State Type : EVALUATOR
For District Type : NA Into Literature v2-91005131

1. Navigate to the Discover page and select your grade level.
2. Click 'Connected Solutions."
3. Click ‘Open’ on the Writable tile.

Step 2: Explore Assignments Start on the Explore page and browse over 1,000 assignments, in addition to HMH Into Literature reading selections and writing tasks. You will find a variety of writing assignments in

Writable, including short response, ACT/SAT preparation, college essay help, AP writing, EL support, grammar activities, short responses, response to readings, graphic organizers and much more! Writable provides access to three types of assignments directly aligned with each HMH Into Literature unit:

1. Skills Ladder Assignments- Exclusive to Writable, Skill Ladder assignments are new practice assignments that gradually increase in complexity and prepare students for the Unit Writing Task.
2. Student Edition Assignments- Each Student Edition unit writing assignment and text is available to assign and complete in Writable to grow student writers with state-of-the-art scaffolding, feedback, and revision tools.
3. Analyze the Text with Differentiated Support- Scaffolded prompts aligned to Analyze the Text writing assignments build confidence and encourage student writing growth through four levels of writing support assignable by the teacher

Step 3: Meet ‘My Assignments’

The My Assignments* page is where you can plan, track, edit, share, and assign assignments. From here you can access an Assignment’s Dashboard, from which you’ll measure student writing progress, provide feedback, and grade.

In ‘My Assignments’ you’ll see the ‘Active Assignments’ tab, which means the assignments are already assigned to students, and ‘Inactive Assignments’, which is where you can do editing or prep before you assign. Teachers can also organize units of assignments in the ‘My Collections’ tab.

Click on any assignment to Preview, Edit, or Assign it:
• ‘East Middle School Argument Essay (8th Fall)’ and ‘Oration (8th Winter)’ are used on the next pages of this guided tour. (This assignment is for illustration purposes only and your account may not have populated assignments) *Your account may not have the same sample assignments included

Step 4: Guide & Grade Student Writing

From an Assignment Dashboard you can grade and provide multiple types of feedback, including live conferencing for more synchronous support. You can also easily monitor students and their writing progress, seeing who is On Target and who is On Watch, to help you provide timely feedback and intervention.

1. Start in the East Middle School Argument Essay assignment by clicking on it from ‘My Assignments’*
2. Preview the assignment to see different levels of scaffolding in the prompt.
3. Click on the "8th 202" assignment to see the Assignment Dashboard.

1. Click the ‘Oration (8th Winter)’ assignment on ‘My Assignments’ and select '8th Grade LA - 204 t/th.'
2. Click the ‘Grade Submissions’ area to begin grading.
3. Explore grading filters that help you choose how to grade: spot check, ‘On Watch’ students, etc.
4. Choose a grading filter to enter your digital grading stack and explore time-saving features.
5. Submit grades to see grading and feedback data populate the Assignment Dashboard.

Assign to Me
By using the ‘Assign to Me’ feature, you can experience how a student will experience your assignment(s) in Writable before they ever log in. This feature is useful when teaching virtually, allowing you to model an assignment for students during synchronous virtual or instruction.
1. On the 'Explore' page, click on an assignment of your choice from ‘Collections’. a. Click Copy Assignment > Manage Assignment > +Assign.
2. Select ‘Assign to Me’. You’ll be prompted to select options for your assignment, such as assigning with an embedded Google Doc (not available in demo accounts), enabling RevisionAid or Originality Check, and assigning feedback options like self and peer review (recommended).
3. Click the Student Icon to be taken into the assignment where you can practice writing and reviewing

Click on any assignment to Preview, Edit, or Assign it: • ‘East Middle School Argument Essay (8th Fall)’ and ‘Oration (8th Winter)’ are used on the next pages of this guided tour. (This assignment is for illustration purposes only and your account may not have populated assignments

The Feedback Engine 
To see RevisionAid, Writable’s automated AI revision recommendations, you can Preview results in this student assignment. Simply click the assignment , then click ‘Write’, then click the RevisionAid button in top right. To learn more, watch this video overview.

Learn about Originality Check, Writable’s built-in plagiarism checker from Simcheck by Turnitin.

Step 5: Monitor Growth Over Time
In Reports you can choose two assignments that you have assigned over time and progress monitor, looking for areas for improved instruction. 

1. Go to ‘Report’ in the top green navigation in Writable.
2. Choose ‘Middle School’, then ‘East Middle School Argument Essay (8th Fall)’ as the first assignment and ‘Oration (8th Winter)’ as the second assignment.

To Learn more about Writeable please visit:


McGraw Hill, a Learning Science Company, is pleased to offer the following core resource for your review: McGraw Hill StudySync © 2021

McGraw Hill StudySync is a comprehensive ELA curriculum that provides classrooms with flexibility and customizable resources to fully meet the needs of todays’ students. McGraw Hill StudySync is a robust literacy resource, aligned to the AZ College and Career Ready Standards, and we would be honored to prove its further alignment to the district instructional framework and to the goals of Tucson Unified School District. With an embedded ELL pathway, Spanish resources, a dynamic library of over 2000 text excerpts and full novels (growing monthly), StudySync provides numerous opportunities for all learners to experience success along their ELA pathway.

MH also offers our supplemental solution, Achieve3000 Literacy which can be used in conjunction with StudySync as an optional add-on. Achieve3000 Literacy is an evidence-based solution designed to build literacy skills across the content areas in grades 6-12. In this solution students work through language arts, science, and social studies lessons to develop close-reading techniques and reading strategies. Using Achieve 3000 Literacy's dynamic features alongside StudySync will synergize both products and create a robust set of resources with rich experiences for teachers and students

For additional information on our ELA offerings and additional supporting resources, please visit the following padlet – we are confident that you will find herein, rich resources that address your scope of work, designed to assist you throughout your evaluation process:

Please find below demo credentials for your digital exploration:
User Name: AZTeacherSS
Password: AZTeacherSS1

Demo Accounts For TUSD review of myPerspectives program, we have created demo accounts for our current edition, and a preview account of the new edition, on Savvas Realize™, our digital learning platform. In addition to details about the myPerspectives digital program, the demo accounts showcase the power of the Savvas Realize platform’s resources and online tools. *Please note that the demo account passwords are case sensitive, and the same login information can be shared among multiple reviewers.

New Edition (©2025) Preview Demo Account
-The preview account allows access to grades 7 and 9, Unit 1 of the Tucson USD | Grades 6–12 Secondary ELA Adoption myPerspectives English Language Arts | Grades 6-12 ELA – 7 program. Please use the following instructions and credentials to access the myPerspectives ©2025 preview demo account. 2025 Teacher Log-In Credentials
1. Go to
2. Enter the following username: ELAearlyreview
3. Enter the following password: Welcome!

Current Edition (©2022) Demo Accounts (Note: These accounts allow access to all grades.)
2022 Teacher Login Credentials
1. Go to:
2. Click “Sign In”
3. Enter the following username: MyPerspectivesDemo!
4. Enter the following password: SavvasNow!
5. Click “Browse”

2022 Student Login Credentials
1. Go to:
2. Click “Sign In”
3. Enter the following username: JaneMarie
4. Enter the following password: TrySavvasNow!
5. Click “Browse”

Additional Information 2025 Edition Digital Walkthrough Video
For additional information, we have provided a digital Savvas Realize Walkthrough Video about the upcoming myPerspectives ©2025 edition. To view the video, please go to

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