Week-Long STEM Camp for Girls (July 2023)

This week, July 24-28, middle-school girls from several Tucson Unified schools attended a camp to inspire them to pursue careers in science.

For a week, the campers explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. Students built Mars colonies, took field trips to University of Arizona (UA) and had guest speakers. For the Egg Drop, they had to build a craft that would protect the egg during a three-story fall.

The camp is designed to explore a wide variety of careers, provide a path to potential success, and lay a foundation for STEM identity in higher education and beyond. Applied Career Exploration (ACES) facilitates teamwork, use of technology, and hands-on learning, while giving students a feel for the college experience at a critical time in their lives.

This camp came about through a proactive partnership between Tucson Unified School District and Southern Arizona Research, Science & Engineering Foundation (SARSEF), and was thanks to the vision of SARSEF’s, Manager of School Relationships and Impact, Ms. Amber Folkman.

The vision and the hope are to engage our students in science and technology to excite young, middle grade female students in a relevant, meaningful way, so they enter STEM fields/careers later in life. Community partnerships that allow for this kind of work is something I think we can all support.
Kamren Taravati – Tucson Unified Magnet Programs Director

Joseph Sears
District Web Editor
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Info about a camp held for middle school girls from Tucson Unified schools.
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