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Protocols for Phases 1-3

Interscholastics Re-Entry Plan (in PDF)

Contact Sports: Increasing Layered Mitigation Recommendations (in PDF)

All Phases should include the following screenings:

  • Adults and students are screened daily before the start of workout. Temperature check and questionnaire will be taken. Any yes responses on questionnaire is automatic disqualification as well as having a temperature above 100 F is DQ
  • If a student athlete lives or is in frequent contact with someone who is health compromised (family member who has cancer, COPD, asthma, or other immune-suppressing illness, COVID, etc.), he/she SHOULD NOT be participating in conditioning. We do not want to send them home with a possible exposure or have them bring one to our facility.

Phase 1: Conditioning and Practice Only, Limitations on Gatherings

  • No gathering of more than 10 athletes at a time.
  • Locker or weight rooms should not be utilized during Phase 1. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at end of the workout.
  • Workouts should be conducted in “pods” of students with the same 10 students always working out together. This ensures more limited exposure if someone develops an infection.
  • There must always be a minimum distance of 6 feet between everyone.
    • Make and post schedule so that each group has specific time. This will reduce overlap of students hanging around, or coaches going over their allotted time. Should have 15-30 min between groups to do any cleaning.
    • Groups of less than 10; although recommendation is 1 person per 100 square feet. Do not place same positions together because if one in group is infectious, all will be out temporarily. Groups cannot change and people cannot move groups. Place siblings or those who live together in same group.
    • No drinking fountains. Personal water containers that come filled.
    • Wear masks/face-coverings.
    • No locker rooms- open only bathrooms but monitor that students using restrooms use social distancing and limit number of students entering at once; One person at a time.
    • Equipment is cleaned after each person is finished with use.
    • No gym use until sanitization can be accomplished between groups. Outside is better for conditioning but use spacing.

Phase 2: Medium group activities permitted for 50 people or less with coach onsite

  • Public facilities (including gyms) remain closed unless appropriate distancing AND strict sanitation procedures can be maintained.
  • All athletes, coaches, and other support staff must be free from symptoms for at least 14 days and no individual is in close contact with anyone who is sick within that 14-day period before group training may begin
  • All athletes, coaches, and support staff who are a member of a high-risk group or live at home with a member of a high-risk group shall only attend training sessions virtually
  • Parents, coaches, and athletes shall know signs and symptoms of illness. If athlete, coach, or staff member has signs or symptoms of illness or a person living in their home has signs or symptoms of illness they shall not come to practice and notify the team COVID-19 point of contact immediately.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning of all personal equipment and material shall occur before and after practice as well as any other time there is contact with another person Athletes shall be kept in the same training group (co-horting)

Phase 3: Public training facilities open with regular group size permitted

  • All sports, with and without contact may resume with usual activity.
  • Social distancing still recommended, but not required.
  • Training sessions return to normal with average athlete group amount.
  • Equipment and other shared material can be used but cleaning shall continue before and after each different athlete group use.
  • See also Contact Sports: Increasing Layered Mitigation Recommendations (in PDF) for further guidelines for football and spirit line.

AIA's Modifications for Specific Sports and Guidelines


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