Closure of 11 TUSD schools approved by federal court

Tucson Unified School District has received approval from the U.S. District Court to close 11 schools. The closures are subject to court-adopted conditions that were put forth by the special master appointed by the court to oversee the desegregation order known as the Unitary Status Plan. The district governing board initiated closure of the schools in December – pending the court’s approval – as part of the solution toward bridging a more than $17 dollar budget shortfall the district is facing in the 2013-2014 fiscal cycle. One of the closing schools – Maxwell Middle School – will be reopened in the next school year as a K-8 school.

The schools that will be closed are:

  • Brichta Elementary School, 2110 W. Brichta Drive
  • Carson Middle School, 7777 E. Stella Road
  • Corbett Elementary School, 5949 E. 29th St.
  • Fort Lowell-Townsend K-8, 2120 N. Beverly Blvd.
  • Hohokam Middle School, 7400 S. Settler
  • Howenstine High School 555 S. Tucson Blvd.
  • Lyons Elementary School, 7555 E. Dogwood St.
  • Maxwell Middle School, 2802 W. Anklam Road (Note: Maxwell will be reopened as a new K-8 school)
  • Menlo Park Elementary, 1100 W Fresno St.
  • Schumaker Elementary School, 501 N. Maguire
  • Wakefield Middle School, 101 W. 44th St.

Each of the schools approved for closure will continue to operate as normal through the end of this school year, which concludes on May 23, 2013. Academic instruction will not be interrupted and schools will continue to be welcoming and supportive of their students and families.

The approved closures will cut $4.2 million from next year's budget and provide $4.5 million in annual savings. The district is continuing to identify remaining cuts and is reviewing many options including reductions in central administration, salary cuts, furlough days, and medical insurance contribution levels, among other options. The governing board recently approved a modification of school site funding formulas that will result in $4 million in budget reductions.

Court approval of school boundaries and construction projects related to school consolidation is still pending.

For more information, see the School Consolidation web pages.

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