Project FOCUS

Posted in 2013
A few years ago, five very adventurous and pioneering TUSD high school students with intellectual disabilities agreed to be the first to participate in Project FOCUS.

The graduates are:

  • Heidilynn Frontroth (Tucson High School)
  • Analyssa King (Catalina High School)
  • Reina Koussa (Catalina High School)
  • Alexis Trevizo (Santa Rita High School)
  • Matt Wall (Santa Rita High School)

Project FOCUS (Focusing Opportunities with Community and University Support) is a model demonstration program that is a collaboration between UA and TUSD and designed to support accessibility to University of Arizona’s academic offerings, campus environments and college life in order to increase each student’s independence, quality of life, and employability. You can find more details on the Project FOCUS website.

On May 10, 2013, these five students with intellectual disabilities, participated in the University of Arizona College of Education Convocation Ceremony and received a certificate in Service Learning. The students successfully completed a two-year course of study that required classes and internships at the UA and are now ready for graduation and the world of work.

The Project FOCUS students received a certificate in Service-Learning in full regalia along with the other graduates of the College of Education.
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Details about Project FOCUS, a partnership between Tucson Unified and the University of Arizona to support Exceptional Education students.
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