Three Tucson Unified Schools Receive National Magnet School Awards

Three Tucson Unified School District Magnet schools have received either the National Magnet School of Excellence or the National Magnet School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools. Tucson Unified is very proud of these schools for the dedication to our students and community.

Carrillo Elementary Magnet School won the Magnet School of Excellence Award. Carrillo K-5 Communication and Creative Arts Magnet School engages children's minds, bodies, and senses using multiple modes of learning, thought, and self-expression. Students become 21st century leaders in a diverse world, through the development of a strong academic core, communication skills and creative arts abilities.

Mansfeld Middle Magnet School won the Magnet School of Excellence Award. Mansfeld STEM Plus Middle Magnet School is a community dedicated to student academic and personal success, for today, and the future through STEM education, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

Tucson High Magnet School won the Magnet School of Distinction Award, Tucson High Magnet School exists to provide high quality instruction in all curricular areas; foster understanding of the world through the arts, sciences, mathematics and humanities; and develop good citizens so that students demonstrate academic and inter-cultural proficiency, as well as career preparedness. They focus on two magnet strands: Fine/Performing Arts and Natural Sciences.

“We are very excited and proud of our schools for continuing to provide award winning programs and curriculum for our students. Each school is unique and has amazing programs to inspire our students to challenge themselves while incorporating their magnet themes” said Kamren Taravati, Senior Director, Equity and Diversity Department.

Presentation of Excellence Award:

Our principals (Kristen Bittel, Principal Carrillo Elementary Magnet School; Luke Van Schie, Principal Mansfeld Middle Magnet Schools; Elizabeth Rivera, Principal Tucson High Magnet School) will be recognized and receive their National Magnet School Awards on behalf of the school during an awards ceremony held at Magnet Schools of America’s 40th National Conference hosted by Dallas Independent School District, April 18-22, 2023.

Magnet School of Excellence Awards are only given to a select group of magnet schools. Schools of Excellence are eligible to receive monetary awards and are eligible to be named the nation’s top Elementary, Secondary, or New & Emerging Magnet School. One of the Schools of Excellence will also be selected to win $5,000 and the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award, which is considered the most prestigious magnet school award in the nation.

To receive a national merit award, members of Magnet Schools of America must submit a detailed application that is scored by a panel of educators. These schools are judged and scored on their demonstrated ability to raise student academic achievement, promote racial and socioeconomic diversity, provide integrated curricula and instruction, and create strong family and community partnerships that enhance the school’s magnet theme.

Learn more about the national merit awards program.

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Three Tucson Unified magnet schools were recognized for their excellence by Magnet Schools of America.
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