Black History Lessons

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Black History Month Lessons
Pre-K – 2nd Grade
Black History Month 2022 Teaching Resources (
Black History Month Activities for Preschool (
10 Fun Preschool Black History Month Activities | Kindergarten Activities (

Grades 3-5
1st Kansas Colored Infantry 3rd and 4th Grade - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service) (
Musical Harlem (
Jazz Music, Dance, and Poetry - Google Docs
Teaching Hard History: Grades K-5 | Learning for Justice
Character Motivation - Duke | PBS LearningMedia
Muhammad Ali | Boxer and Civil Rights Activist | PBS LearningMedia

Grades 6-8
Collections :: Learning History Through Objects: Slavery in Colonial America | Smithsonian Learning Lab (
Mary Church Terrell | Learning for Justice
What about us??? Women, African-Americans, and Native Americans - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service) (
African Americans and the War of 1812 on Tangier Island - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service) (
African Americans in the American Revolution - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service) (
Sewing Stories Features Article for Students | Scholastic Art Magazine
Successes and Failures in Resistance to Slavery | The African Americans | PBS LearningMedia
Identifying the Social and Cultural Context of a Period - The New Negro and the Harlem Renaissance | PBS LearningMedia
Black Excellence, Resistance, and Joy Yesterday and Today (
The History of Slave Patrols, Black Codes, and Vagrancy Laws | Facing History & Ourselves
Black Women’s Activism and the Long History Behind #MeToo | Facing History & Ourselves
Grades 9-12
African Americans During the Civil War: A Compressed History - Teachers (U.S. National Park Service) (
Collections :: Becoming a Historian: Comparison | Smithsonian Learning Lab (
African Americans Face and Fight Obstacles to Voting | Learning for Justice
The Color of Law: Creating Racially Segregated Communities | Learning for Justice
Barriers to Voting: Poll Taxes | JFK Library
Marching for Equal Rights: Evaluating the Success of the 1963 March on Washington | JFK Library
Whose Law?: State Sovereignty and the Integration of the University of Alabama | JFK Library
History Lessons | Stanford History Education Group
Calculated Acts: Civil Disobedience and Social Change | The African Americans | PBS LearningMedia
The Economics of Jim Crow | PBS LearningMedia
How Issues of Place Displace African Americans (
The Emmett Till Generation | Facing History & Ourselves
The Anti-lynching Activism of Ida B. Wells | Facing History & Ourselves