Black History

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Black History Timeline
  • 1441-The first enslaved Africans
  • 1517-Black slavery in the New World
  • 1793-Fugitive Slave Act
  • 1831-Nat Turner’s Revolt
  • 1857-Slavery legalized in all US territories
  • 1865-13th Amendment abolished slavery
  • 1868-14th Amendment citizenship, civil legal rights
  • 1870-15th Amendment right to vote
  • 1896-Separate But Equal
  • 1909-NAACP Founded
  • 1920-Harlem Renaissance
  • 1936-Jesse Owens Wins at Olympic Games
  • 1948-President Truman integrates Armed Forces
  • 1967-Marriage bans found unconstitutional
  • 1963-March on Washington
  • 1964-Civil Rights Act
  • 1965-Malcolm X Shot to Death
  • 1965-Voting Rights Act
  • 1968- MLK Assassinated
  • 1995-Million Man March
  • 2008-Barack Obama U.S. President
  • 2021-Kamala Harris U.S. Vice President
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14th Annual African American Youth Heritage Day
Dr. Tonya Strozier hugs her son while other speakers smile.
Two speakers, a woman and a man dressed in bright blue hoodies, smile by the microphone.
Students in the audience clap.
One of the speakers animatedly points at the crowd of students
The crowd of students cheers while holding up their arms and phones.