Financial Services Personnel

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Our Staff

Financial Services oversees Accounting, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, Budget, Grants and Federal Programs, Payroll, Purchasing and Student Finance.

Ricky Hernández 225-6493 Chief Financial Officer
Fina Johnson 225-6430 Director of Financial Services
Tánya Speagle 225-6493 Executive Assistant, Financial Services
Christina Cruz 225-6118 Senior Accounting Manager
Jan Burrows 225-6114 Accounting Analyst
Christine Stone 225-6112 Accounting Analyst Federal/State Grants
Lisa Lundstrom 225-6113 Accounting Analyst
Barbara Armstrong 225-6145 Accounting Associate
Lois Bloom 225-6482 District Cashier
Cindy Hewitt 225-6116 Accounts Payable Manager
Terry Campuzano 225-6127 Accounting Technician
Kelly Perez 225-6122 Accounting Technician
Sherrie Shepherd 225-6096 Accounting Technician
Vicki Goodwin 225-6120 Accounting Technician
Christina Cruz 225-6118 Senior Accounting Manager
Mario Espinoza 225-4981 Asset Management Associate
BUDGET 225-6605
Nancy Mueller 225-6661 Senior Budget Manager
Patty Bowers 225-6569 Accounting Analyst
Teresa Herlein 225-6469 Accounting Analyst
Lourdes Gonzalez 225-6098 Accounting Analyst
Jon Lansa 225-6297 Sr. Director of Grants & Federal Programs
Linda Nowak 225-6290 Administrative Assistant
Christine Stone 225-6112 Accounting Analyst Federal/State Grants
Eric Lybeck 225-6485 Sr. Program Coordinator Title I & Grants/Partnerships
Marcea Hunter 225-6432 Sr. Program Coordinator - 21st CCLC
Benethe Garcia 225-6140 Program Budget Technician 21st CCLC
Francisco Sánchez 225-6417 Program Coordinator - Title I/Silverbell Region 1
Olivia Cazares 225-6258 Program Coordinator - Title I/Santa Cruz Region 2
Alicia Nourse 225-6295 Program Coordinator - Title I/Arroyo Chico Region 3
James Merino 225-6517 Program Coordinator - Title I/Arcadia Region 4
Teresa Guerrero 225-6288 Program Coordinator - Title I/Pantano Region 5
Lynn Strizich 225-6190 Program Coordinator - Equitable Services
Lily Strizich 225-6406 Project Technical Specialist Equitable Services
Henry Mangen 225-6247 Project Technical Specialist Equitable Services
Vivian Baca 225-6235 Project Technical Specialist Grants & Partnerships
Diane Gutierrez 225-6283 Program Coordinator - ESSER
Angela Kayfes 225-6378 Program Coordinator - ESSER
Shayla Samuels 225-6283 Program Coordinator Targeted Support and Improvement
Veronica Dorion 225-6579 Project Technical Specialist Targeted Support and Improvement
TBD 225-6207 Program Coordinator - School Improvement/Results Based Funding
Carmen Sierra 225-6732 Project Technical Specialist School Improvement/Results Based Funding
Cheryl Lennon 225-6150 Payroll Manager
Elliet Leiva 225-6150 Payroll Associate
Michele Bodenheimer 225-6150 Payroll Associate
Melissa Holyoak 225-6150 Payroll Associate
Jennifer Navarrete 225-6150 Payroll Coordinator
Meg Wellington 225-6150 Payroll Associate
Kristina (Teena) Dominguez        225-6150 Administrative Secretary
PURCHASING                              225-6080
Diana Kerfoot 225-6483 Director of Purchasing
Kevin Oster 225-9064 Procurement Agent
Teresa Chapman 225-6554 Procurement Agent
Jacquie Posey 225-6047 Procurement Agent
Julie Riebe 225-6481 ProcurementSpecialist
Karla Rodriguez-Aceves 225-6092 ProcurementSpecialist
Darleen Goodin 225-4706 Procurement Specialist
STUDENT FINANCE                               
Julie Holt 225-6123 Student Finance Manager
Jodi Lesch 225-6147 Student Finance Accounts Specialist
Linda Keyser 225-6482 Cash Compliance Analyst
Edward Escajeda 225-6407 Finance Courier
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