How To Register for Next School Year (24-25)

Hold their spot!
Ensure your teachers can give your students the best experience in the coming year.

Instructions by School

What grade will your student attend next school year (2024-2025)?

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Steps After Registering


Whether new or a current family, plan a visit to your child's school to share that experience with them.

Also, please reach out to the Principal or the schools' Parent Group.


Bookmark your school's website, follow them on social media, add their attendance and front office numbers and email address to your contacts.


Keep an eye out for your principal's welcome letter, information about school supplies, back to school events, open houses and other ways to help your child get ready for next year.


Take a breath, enjoy your child's anticipation and/or listen to their concerns about the next year. Each year is a milestone on the journey to graduate and launch into their adult life and career.