Howell Elementary School Students Have a Chicken as a Classmate

Lucy the chicken follows Howell Elementary School custodian Gilbert Garcia around the school.

Tucson Unified is a very diverse district, with students and staff from many different backgrounds. But one member of the Howell Elementary School community is extra unique. 

Lucy is a one-year-old chicken who spends her days in Mrs. Laura Oberg's third grade classroom. Lucy hatched in September 2022 and has already grown quite attached to her classmates, as well as Howell's evening custodian, Gilbert Garcia.

Lucy follows Gilbert around as he takes care of things around campus, and she helps him keep things clean by picking up any crumbs left by the students. Gilbert is working on building a bigger coop for Lucy and new chicks that are expected soon. 

Lucy the chicken enjoys reading books with her classmates.Lucy also has a love for learning. Students say she enjoys reading, especially books about chickens. When she isn't reading, Lucy likes to eat crackers and lettuce. She's very gentle with her classmates and doesn't mind being picked up. 

Students and staff enjoy having Lucy around and are excited to add more chickens to their school family! 

Ashley Wallinger
Digital Copywriter Editor
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Lucy the chicken is a beloved classmate of students at Howell Elementary School.
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