Tucson Unified Offering a K-6 Option

Tucson Unified will be offering a K-6 option at 10 elementary schools beginning in the 2024-2025 school year. This effort is to provide Tucson families more choices when it comes to their children's education. 

The schools that will now offer up to sixth grade are:
  • Banks
  • Collier
  • Davidson
  • Gale
  • Henry
  • Lynn-Urquides
  • Soleng Tom
  • Steele
  • Vesey
  • Whitmore
Parental choice is the main reason why the district will provide the K-6 option at 10 pilot schools.

Benefits of choosing to stay in a K-6 school include:
  • Parents can select the best option for the development and education of their child.
  • Studies show smaller academic communities foster better student-teacher relationships.
  • Students can transition from self-contained classrooms to departmentalized instruction in a comfortable, familiar environment.
  • Sixth graders in K-6 schools tend to do better academically and have fewer discipline issues.
The benefits of choosing to move up to a middle school include:
  • A higher level of enrichment options such as fine arts, laboratory science, language and other electives.
  • Increased opportunities to participate in team sports and after-school activities.
  • More social interaction.
  • A greater level of responsibility and self-sufficiency.
Interested parents can contact the pilot schools to learn more and register for the upcoming school year.

Banks Elementary building
Collier Elementary building
Henry Elementary building
Vesey Elementary building
Whitmore Elementary building
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