STARBASE Program Launches Warren Elementary Students Into STEM Learning

Launching young minds into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) while launching rockets, designing robots and learning about space. That's the goal of STARBASE – a Department of Defense program that exposes 5th grade students to STEM fields and connects them to the positive role models found in the U.S. military. 

Students in Ms. Callahan's 5th grade class at Warren Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in hands-on, experiential activities in partnership with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. While in the program, students learned about engineering, math, chemistry, 3D computer-aided design, physics, mapping, geocaching, atmospheric properties and robotics. Completing these assignments earned them "mission tags," similar to the dog tags worn by military personnel. 

Among the most popular activities were the rocket launch and the mission to save "Lieutenant Eggbert" (an egg) in a crash landing. Not only were these experiences fun, but students were also able to connect what they learned in class to these real-life scenarios. 

Though students have wrapped up their STARBASE project, they still have one more mission to complete: a community service project. The 5th graders are raising money to donate vests to military K9s at Davis-Monthan. From January 16 - 23, Warren Elementary hosted coin wars to collect money for the project, and raised over $1,000 in a week. You can still help with their mission – please contact Principal Jill Ronsman to find out more.
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Dr. Flori Huitt
Assistant Superintendent