TKAP Gallery

Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Departure

On February 3, Korean students said tearful goodbyes to their host families at the Tucson International Airport, as they prepared for their return home. See more photos from TKAP 2024 here.

A Korean student cries while her friend comforts her
A Korean student hugs her host mom
A host family and their Korean students make the Korean symbol for love with their fingers
A group of Korean students hug each other
Two Korean students and their host brother pose for a picture
Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Field Trip

On February 2, Korean students and their Tucson ambassadors went on their final field trip together, to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, where they learned about the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert. See more photos from TKAP 2024 here.

A Korean student looks out at the desert surroundings
A group of Korean students and their advisor laugh together at the Desert Museum
A Desert Museum employee shows off a very large lizard
Korean students look up at a bighorn sheep
Two students show off their pressed pennies!
Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Leadership Appreciation Dinner
On January 31, leaders from the Tucson Korea Ambassador Program were celebrated at an appreciation dinner at Desert Diamond Casino.
Yoon Lee talks to the audience at the appreciation dinner
A smiling man holds up his gift bag
Four women sit around a table talking at the appreciation dinner
A man raises his hands up in appreciation while a man and a woman clap at the table
A man addresses the audience at the appreciation dinner
Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Flandrau Field Trip

Last week, Korean students and their Tucson ambassadors visited the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, where they got to explore two floors of science exhibits.

Korean students check out a science exhibit
Students check out an aquarium
Korean students are gathered around a science exhibit
A staff member points out a science exhibit to students
Korean students check out a cave area of the center
Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Tombstone Field Trip

On January 19, Korean students and their Tucson ambassadors traveled to Tombstone for a day of learning about the Old West.

A student pets a horse during a trip to Tombstone
A student smiles and holds her engraved coin to the camera.
Group photo of TKAP students and Tombstone reenactors in front of the saloon
A student takes a group photo of his friends.
Two girls look at the rocks they picked out from the gold panning station

Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Opening Ceremony

On January 16, Magee Middle School hosted the opening ceremony of the Tucson Korean Ambassador Program. The Korean students and their Tucson Ambassadors from Magee, Dietz and Dodge middle schools were treated to breakfast while getting to meet most of the Tucson Unified leadership team. This is the first time since 2019 that Tucson Unified hosts students from Korea due to the pandemic, so leadership from both sides were extra grateful in their speeches to the students.

TKAP students pose for a photo at the opening ceremony
Dr. Trujillo laughs with staff from TUSD and TKAP.
Group photo of TKAP students
Staff talk about the program to students at the opening ceremony
Korean students listen to the TKAP presentation

Tucson Korea Ambassador Program - Arrival

On January 12, Tucson Unified students and families gathered at the Tucson International Airport to welcome dozens of Korean students as the Tucson Korea Ambassador Program gets underway. The Korean students came from two different cities – Ulluengun, an island town that is a 4-hour ferry ride and a 5-hour bus ride away from Seoul, and Yeongyang, which is a 5-hour drive away from the capital city.

This is the first year since 2019 that TKAP, which was founded in 2009, is fully back as originally planned. The Korean students will attend school with their TUSD Student Ambassadors at Dietz, Magee, and Dodge middle schools. They have the long holiday weekend to be able to adjust to the 16-hour time change, acclimate to the Sonoran Desert weather, and get to know their host families. After Tuesday’s opening ceremonies, the TKAP students will go on multiple field trips around Tucson, and even to Tombstone. In June, a select group of the Tucson TKAP students will have the opportunity to travel to Korea.

투산에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

A host family holds up a sign for their TKAP student.
A TKAP student and host pose for photos.
Korean students arrive at the Tucson Airport.
A host family holds up a banner welcoming their TKAP student.
A host family poses with their TKAP student.