Family Bond at Miles ELC #TeamTUSD

Erin Hines smiles next to her aunt, Patty, while holding an NBCT pennant.

Meet Erin Hines, a dedicated educator who not only followed in her aunt's footsteps but also chose to teach alongside her at Miles ELC. Having once been a student in her aunt's middle school class, Erin has now spent the last nine years collaborating and teaching with her cherished aunt as her mentor.

In Erin's own words, "My aunt was actually one of my middle school teachers when I attended Miles! We have worked together for the past nine years; collaborating and teaching social studies together! My aunt is an educator I really admire, and I feel so fortunate I get to work and learn from her each day!"

Patty Mitchell, Erin's aunt and colleague, expresses her excitement about working at the same school as her niece: "I was so excited when Erin joined our team at Miles. She is an alumna of Miles and a strong and caring teacher. Her expectations for her students and herself are at the highest level. I am so proud of her on a daily basis, and it is a joy and privilege to collaborate with her for the past nine years. Congratulations on renewing your National Board certification!"

Erin's achievement of renewing her National Board certification is a testament to her commitment to excellence in education. As a team, they celebrate not only the professional milestone but also the enduring bond that connects them as family and colleagues.

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Dr. Flori Huitt
Assistant Superintendent