Tucson Unified's Solar Superstar #TeamTUSD

Tina Cook, TUSD's energy project manager, smiles in front of some solar parking structures.

What school district is number one in the nation for K12 on-site solar? TUSD is! Who is tracking our utility costs for energy, water and waste in Tucson Unified? Tina Cook is our Energy Project Manager and she is most proud of her efforts to place solar array structures at 80 sites in the district. Our community partners in the massive effort included Tucson Electric Power and Trico Electric Cooperative. The solar project generates 43% in electricity costs last year and will save the district $43 million over the life of the project.

Tina has also aided in the transition to almost 90% LED interior and exterior lighting in schools and other district buildings. Efforts will continue under the new bond, transitioning to 100% LED lighting soon.

Tina works with classes at almost every grade level on energy, water, waste, trash and recycling issues. She loves to educate students and knows the students take the information home to help conserve energy and increase recycling.

"TUSD has been really good to me. I am passionate about my job and I love the results," Tina states. "While there is more to be done, we're ahead as a district in climate action and sustainability efforts."

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