RUHS Basketball Team Celebrates Coach's 500 Wins

The RUHS Rangers basketball team, the Ranger athletic staff and the Utter family congratulated Coach Rich Utter on achieving 500 wins on January 23.

Coach Utter worked as a math teacher for 33 years, the majority of that time at Rincon High School. He started his coaching career at Rincon High School in 1980 and is still coaching more than four decades later. Basketball captured his heart and Coach Utter has shared that passion with hundreds of youth. Thank you, Coach Utter!

Joining the celebration was “Tucson’s Winningest Female Soccer Coach in Arizona” Roxanne Taylor, the Rangers' boys soccer coach, who also recently recorded more than 500 wins during her career.  
RUHS Coach Utter with his team
RUHS Coach Utter smiles next to his wife while holding a basketball
A banner reading Congratuations Coach Utter 500 Wins Ranger Basketball Rincon University High School hangs behind the basketball hoop
The RUHS team stands on the sidelines with the Rangers mascot
The Ranger athletics staff, RUHS basketball team and cheerleaders pose for a photo with Coach Utter
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