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Teaching and learning at Doolen doesn’t just involve math, language arts, social studies and science. Our faculty and staff put a priority on building relationships between teachers and students so that the diverse population feels safe, comfortable and ready to learn.

Our objective is to shape productive citizens who can take part in society in a meaningful way. This entails building a common ground for students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and come to the school with varying educational levels.
Nathaly Santin Nathaly Santin
Nathaly Santin is the Principal of Doolen Middle School. She is fluent in Spanish and a proud UCLA alumni. Prior to becoming an educator, she worked as an Environmental Biologist and then taught High School Biology, AP Biology, and Anatomy/ Physiology. This is her 7th year as a school administrator in both high schools and middle schools and this is her second year as principal of Doolen.
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