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At Ochoa Community School, learning revolves around real world challenges and is highly contextual and individualized. We challenge our scholars to ask the WHY and HOW. Our students understand more, and develop a broader perspective not often found in other academic environments. 
We offer programs such as AVID and Wright Flight to launch students into their future career paths, and our school garden provides a space where children can learn more about how to take care of our planet.
Rosamaria Duarte Raub Rosamaria Duarte Raub

Rosamaria Duarte Raub has worked in education over 20 years, nine of those years with Tucson Unified School District.  This is her sixth year as Principal at Ochoa Community School. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona and a master's degree from Phoenix University.

Educational Leadership Philosophy
Every child has the potential to be successful.  When I was a child I remember my father saying to me, "yo creo en ti, vas a ser existosa / I believe in you, you will be successful."  My father said this enough to me, that I started to believe it and now live by it.  Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and the accumulation of one's actions become one's character.  I believe my three children can be successful and remind them in every goal they set for themselves.  As an educator, I hold the same belief for my students and staff.

We can make the difference in children's lives and it begins with the commitment to believe that all students have unique abilities that need to be explored.  In addition to believing in their unique abilities for learning, their environment needs to be safe, nurturing, welcoming and conducive to cooperative learning and exploration.  Creating this positive learning environment requires educators to build relationships with students, families and community.

Relationships are essential to creating an environment where students can learn.  In the educational community adults and students must have opportunities to share and listen to one another.  It is important to build on communication between students, teachers, administrators, parents and community to create an environment of shared leadership, responsibility, and accountability.  As the principal, I will support these endeavors by providing opportunities for collaboration with all stakeholders.

In order to provide a safe learning environment, structures have to be in place.  Safe and orderly school systems that are aligned with the school vision need to be developed and closely observed.  I believe in the Restorative Practices approach to guide students through problem solving.  With these practices students are respected; the infraction/action is separate from the person; students take responsibilities of actions and consequences; and through the process build and repair relationships.  This approach is fair, consistent, and firm; which creates a safe environment where students learn and flourish.

Academic rigor and relevance are at the core of students learning.  Students are inquisitive by nature.  It is important to encourage student inquiry through strategic questions that will probe more depth exploration.  Relevance is built through student centered learning and peer collaboration.  Every child is different and learns through different domains.  Getting to know the child's strengths and building them is essential.  Differentiated instruction is vital to meet the needs of all students and nurture their curiosity, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

The education of our children begins with adults believing in children's unique capabilities.  We (families, staff, students, and community) need to unify our efforts around a strong vision, sound educational practices, and shared leadership to create a caring environment for meaningful learning and student success.

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