Kindergarten Benefits

Benefits of Tucson Unified Kindergarten

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Come visit Tucson Unified's elementary and K-8 schools to learn about free all-day kindergarten at Tucson Unified!

The benefits of early childhood education are numerous. One of the most important is that attending a quality kindergarten increases the probability of a child doing better in school and finishing high school.

Kindergarten provides your child the chance to:

  • Gain exposure to new ideas and concepts
  • Learn social skills by interacting with other children
  • Develop self-awareness and respect for others
  • Cultivate a love of learning that lasts a lifetime

Selecting a Tucson Unified school provides you with an abundance of opportunities for your child. As the largest district in Southern Arizona, we offer more specialized learning environments, more programs, and more activities than any other district in the region. Such opportunities allow your child to thrive in a stimulating educational atmosphere.

TUSD has certified teachers, playgrounds that meet safety codes, and healthful breakfast and lunch options.

OMA for Kindergarten Students

As families begin to explore the many options available for their Kindergarten-eligible children, they recognize the power of the Arts in their children's development. TUSD shares that belief and provides the award-winning Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) program​.
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OMA integrates music, movement, and visual arts with the children's grade level curriculum​ and is a vital contributor to each child's first step​s in school. ​Through arts integration, OMA focuses on specific areas of each child's academic and social development.

In Kindergarten, OMA provides experiences throughout the week to develop:

  • listening and speaking skills through music
  • fine motor skills through visual arts
  • spatial awareness and flexibility through dance
  • social/emotional growth
  • creativity and resilience

Our OMA Gold Schools offer full year programs in a variety of art forms. Our OMA Exploratory Schools offer one semester in Visual Arts and one semester in Performing Arts. Find the list of OMA Gold and OMA Exploratory Schools here!

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