English Language Development/Structured English Immersion

Structured English ImmersionAll subjects (except foreign language) are taught in English. Instruction includes:
  • Targeted English Language Development (ELD) instruction for English Language Learners.
  • Integrated English Language Development during math, science, social studies through sheltered instructional strategies. These techniques are used to make the concepts understandable to all students.
  • Asset-based instruction where students’ primary language and culture is leveraged to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate these contributions. 
  • Assessments that measure both language and content knowledge.


Students in this program will develop the ability to speak, read and write in English. Students will be expected to achieve at or above grade level in all academic areas. Instruction is provided by an SEI, bilingual education or ESL-endorsed teacher. 


District adopted textbooks in English are used for all subjects with the addition of the district’s ELD adoption. A list of the adopted texts is available at your child’s school. 
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Information about English Language Immersion for Tucson Unified students who are English Language Learners.
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