Educational Materials Center

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Sign of O M A gination in the center.
Shelves contain numerous books and other supplies for teachers to use in classes.
Art object taken from shelf storage at the center.
Numerous art objects are stored in flat cases.
Staff at the center fixes a trumpet for use by one of the students.
Tables and places for group activities for teachers at the center.
About Us
Kirsten Cummins
Lending Library Assoc.

We are the professional, cultural artifacts and fine arts library with 30,000 items available for use by educators.

In addition to books, the collection includes artifacts, exhibits, sculptures, art prints, library panels, life-size costumed figures, textiles and videos.

Most material can be ordered by phone 520-225-4783 or by email  and delivered via school mail. Some large or fragile items must be picked up at Educational Materials Center, Lee Instructional Resource Center, 2025 E. Winsett. 
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