Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Staff

GATE Program Office 520-225-3605 | 3222 S Pinal Vista, Tucson AZ, 85713 | Map (
GATE Testing & Placement 520-225-1310 | 2120 E Naco Vista, Tucson, AZ 85713 | Map (

GATE Programs and Testing Contact Information

Sky Saczko
Director of Advanced Learning ExperiencesOversees all aspects of GATE


GATE Programs
Annie Brookshire
Senior Coordinator – GATE Programs, Instruction, and Professional Development
Melanie Chacon
Administrative Assistant
GATE Curriculum Service Provider
Alzira Duncan
GATE Parent and Teacher Liaison, Outreach, Events & Recruitment
GATE Testing & Placement
Roberto Cruze
Senior Coordinator – ALE Testing, Placement & Recruitment
Janelle Odom
Testing & Placement Lead
Testing & Placement Administrative Secretary
GATE Itinerant Teachers
  • Pam Brown
  • Joshua Chuc
  • Mary Davis
  • Glenn Dobbin
  • Kelly Finfrock
  • Brigette Gallus
  • Gina Hunter
  • Julie Katinas
  • Susan Kelly
  • Emily Lambert
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Miriam Mack
  • Daisy Michel 
  • Judith (Susie) Mortiz
  • Myrna Ramirez
  • Lisa Stachowiak
  • John (Garrett) Young
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