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Elevate your child's education by enrolling them at Holladay Fine Arts Magnet, where we offer a unique and rigorous arts-based curriculum. Our teachers inspire creativity and excellence, fostering a love for the arts. Holladay’s beautiful facility provides an enriching environment for growth. Enroll today and watch them thrive in an atmosphere of artistic discovery and academic achievement.

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Students at Holladay Fine Arts Magnet Elementary School take part in art experiences throughout the day in their general education classrooms, as well as attending weekly art courses, participating in lunch time art clubs and learning about future career opportunities in the arts. Holladay works to build community partnerships to support our magnet program and student academic achievement. We love getting our families involved with ongoing communication, supporting our magnet program, and student academic achievement.
Shakenya Humphries Gholson Shakenya Humphries
Born in Tucson and raised in Washington, D.C., Shakenya Humphries-Gholson is a dedicated educator committed to equity and inclusion. With dual master's degrees – one in Curriculum, Instruction, and Social Change from Trinity Washington University and the other in Education Leadership from the University of Notre Dame – she transitioned her role from a lead teacher to an instructional coach and eventually a principal. Shakenya focuses on fostering nurturing environments for children to thrive holistically, cultivating values and skills essential for future success. Her roots in Tucson and her diverse experiences in urban, parochial, and charter education remain the undercurrent for her unwavering dedication Holladay Fine Arts Magnet Elementary community.
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