Honors Courses

Honors Courses Middle School For High School Credit

Advanced Academic Courses are available to any student and can help prepare students in becoming future ready. In our Advanced Academic Courses, teachers utilizes scaffolding and strategies to support students in achieving at a higher level. All students are encouraged to challenge themselves by engaging in Honors course work.

Advanced Academic Courses range from Honors Courses, Accelerated Courses, and Middle School Courses for High School Credit. These Advanced Academic Courses start becoming available for students starting in 6th Grade and can very based on the school. Speak with your school's counselor to see what exactly is available at your school.   

Top Benefits of Advanced Academic Courses:

  • Helps students build the confidence and skills needed to engage in Advanced Placement, Dual-Credit, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and/or other advanced coursework.
  • Successfully completing Honors coursework may help your child earn a higher GPA for students who do well.
  • Students will have the opportunity to develop better study habits and more effective test-taking skills.
  • Can boost college application(s) by demonstrating how students have challenged themselves academically.
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Info about the Honors Courses available at middle and high schools of the Tucson Unified School District.
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