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Audit Reports
If documents not accessible, please contact Martha Smith, Internal Auditor, 520-225-6073 or Email Internal Audit for assistance with this information.
2022 Audit Reports
Reports and Responses Archive
  • Unitary Status Plan Budget and Expenditure Audit - May 18, 2018
    Purpose: To determine whether USP money was spent in accordance with the court order.
  • External Auditor General Performance Audit - March 8, 2018
    This audit focused on the District's efficiency and effectiveness in four operational areas: administration, plant operations and maintenance, food service, and student transportation because of their effect on classroom dollars.
  • Title I Expenditures - January 26, 2018
    Purpose: To determine whether Title I funds were spent appropriately and to determine whether operations were efficient.
  • Prop 301 Disbursement Guidance - January 11, 2018
    Purpose: To provide clarity on who is eligible to receive Prop 301 disbursements.
  • Auction Process Internal Controls - January 2018
    Purpose: To illustrate the previous lack of internal controls over the auction process and to propose the actions the district should take to improve these controls.