Dodge Student Wins Arizona Regional Braille Challenge

Meet Zoe, the 2023 winner of the Arizona Regional Braille Challenge for the Tucson region! 

The Arizona Regional Braille Challenge is hosted by Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind, and is open to students from other schools. The materials for the challenge are sent to participating schools and the results are sent back for a winner to be chosen in each category. 

This isn't Zoe's first time as a champion – she actually won last year, too! This time, she was competing against high school students. She says, "Once I found out that I won, I knew that just because someone's older than you doesn't mean you can't win against them."

At Dodge, Zoe works with an aide and a vision teacher to practice Braille, typing and learning new technology to help her navigate the classroom and crossing intersections near the school. 

Students who win their regional Braille Challenge have the opportunity to compete at the Braille Challenge Finals, held in Los Angeles.
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