Tucson High Magnet School at a Glance

In the heart of Tucson lies one of the best Magnet High Schools in Arizona! It is a place where your student’s educational journey can be an extraordinary blend of innovation and creativity! Tucson High Magnet School is uniquely designed with dual themes in STEM and the arts, offering a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity. Tucson High Magnet School also offers CTE, Dual Credit, and Advanced Placement classes. Call Tucson High today to schedule a tour and get ready to watch your child thrive in an environment where science and the arts unite, nurturing their talents and curiosity.
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Tucson High is the district’s oldest high school; our halls are steeped in history, and we boast a strong sense of community pride, with alumni supporting the school and sporting Badger red and white.

In addition to our magnet programs in natural sciences and visual and performing arts, we offer career and technical instruction including classes in welding, auto mechanics, digital media and more. We provide varied interscholastic programs and clubs for just about every interest.
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera is a dedicated educator of over 25 years. She joined TUSD as a principal in July of 2018. She is a product of the southwest as a multigenerational New Mexican and takes pride in her heritage and cultural experiences she brings to students and families at THMS. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Science in Education from New Mexico State University and her MEd in Education Leadership from Arizona State University.
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